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Fluffy Days Fluffy Days

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

As they said, seemed a bit quiet, Perhaps start the fade at a bit of a higher volume, or maybe a quick little fade to get it up, then slow it down? Suggestions. However I thoroughly enjoyed that beginning, grabbed my attention right off the bat, especially when the piano came in. Kept my interest the entire way through. :)

The layering of sounds was very nice at 00:33 all the way through to to 1:00 when the other sounds almost dropped in volume to make room for that low yet prominent sound for 8 beats, then it hit off, really nicely.

The breakdown at 2:24, was very unique, I liked the fairy dust like sound near the end of it, where it hit off once more for a nice return of the melody.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, Your creative juices are definitely flowing :D.

geniebmusic responds:

Hey! Thanks for reviewing!

I did both of your suggestions to see how the volume will do in the beginning. I hope it works out this time haha.

I'm glad you enjoyed this song! I will definitely work harder to make better music and keep these creative juices flowing. Thank you again for the review!

Antiboringness Antiboringness

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I really enjoy it, it's a nice song to listen too just in repeat while thinking to yourself about things, almost as far as beautiful. I like the piano, as sort of a point to change notes and introduce more sounds. only thing that may have thrown me off a bit, was the beginning, the first 25 seconds didn't catch my full interest at first, however that all went away at about 30 seconds when the piano came in and the melody. Very nice work. R2R